Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Matt on holidays

Matt was supposed to finish school (year 10!!) last Tuesday, but got an email late Sunday night telling him he was in the hockey team for a tournament that week. So he had half a day on Monday to clean out his locker and then off to hockey for the week. For the most part he enjoyed it, with the full range of weather, from very hot too the final which was our wettest day in years.
His team made the grand final which was impressive as there were teams from interstate as well as locals (the Tassie team did not do themselves a service to the point of on of their referees being sent off - and now have a very poor reputation). The final was one sided - not ours unfortunately with a Melbourne team winning in a very soggy game. A good way to spend the week - and I think I have to plant a couple of trees for the amount of time I spent in the car.

On a happy note, one of my friends had her first baby in the middle of the night yesterday. He was very late and I suspect Dania had a torrid time, ending with an emergency caesar. But Nikolaas Frederick Warmerdam has arrived safely.

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