Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I am loving glitter at the moment - luckily it is Christmas so I can indulge. The JOY hanging is a kit from Cocoa Daisy, very simple and very glittery. Meaghan was showing it off the other day to friends, so mustn't be too daggy. The downside of all this is that I am often seen covered in glitter, it sticks to everything, including husbands and children, so I tend not to point out when they are a bit glittery, what they don't know, etc.

The assortment of creatures is our mantle piece chrissy display. Love the smooth texture of these creatures, always want to pick them up just to run my fingers over them, they will probably have no colour left soon. I do love collecting Christmas decorations it has to be admitted. I don't do many lights, our house doesn't suit and I would be afraid of burning it down, or more likely flipping the safety switches which is a common enough occurrence as it is. Collecting ornaments is an entirely different matter. I think I will have to do a LO on my Hallmark addiction (there is a sentence I never thought would come out of my mouth).

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