Thursday, December 11, 2008

Year 6 farewell assembly

A few tears were dropped (by parents not the kids) yesterday as Meaghan and her cohorts were farewelled by the school. It wasn't the dreaded boring yr 6 farewell that was endured a few years ago when Matt left. Meaghan has had a good year with a few dramas, that they all survived with a closer friendship group as a result. Unfortunately they are going to different schools next year but I suspect there will be much messaging and texting between the 4 of them.
They had a teacher who suited them (it was the second year that the wonderful Michelle Staningford had taught them so she knew them well. Very appreciated.
I think I will be a mess when Henry leaves (or maybe thankful after spending countless years at the one primary school - the disadvantage of having well spread kids) - only 6 more years to go...

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