Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We finally headed off camping with some close friends over the Canberra Day long weekend. can't say I was too enthused about the whole idea to begin with but we survived. We went to kangaroo Valley and just seeing lovely green grass was worth the trip...

We arrived in the afternoon of a perfect Saturday, put up the tents (eventually) and decided it was warm and dry enough to leave the waterproof fly off Matt and Meaghan's tent (regretfully we had to drag ourselves out of bed to put this on as it did indeed start raining just after we went to bed).
After the kids had a great time playing with the fire, we went to bed at about 10, there was a quiet 40th birthday party finishing up in the BBQ area not that far away but most of them were gone by 11. They unfortunately left behind two men who could of bored for England, who insisted on talking quite loudly about how bad work was (using the term micro managed far more than was necessary) and nothing else until 3am! Geoff yelled at them at one stage (resulting in waking up the rest of the camp I suspect), Pete and Michelle resorted to stuffing tissues in their ears and Geoff managed to go to sleep. We were then woken at some very early hour by kids playing tennis next to us - at this stage I was willing to give up[ camping and find a nice B and B to settle into as the weather was also less than ideal.

But we went to Fitzroy Falls, which was a nice walk although we struggled to see anything through the mist, while Geoff and Pete went for a long and sometimes lost mountain bike ride.
The afternoon was spent on the river in canoes which was good fun although the river was down and we got stuck in a few places, but highly recommended. A night in the pub and another fire plus a good quiet nights sleep meant the weekend finished well. We stopped for a quick couple of walks at Bundanoon on the way back home (again hard to see anything as the mist had settled) but overall a good weekend.

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