Friday, March 6, 2009


After much experimenting on another page, this is the final product of our first class in mixed media (not very good photos I'm afraid but I am a bit rushed today). I am happy with the tree and the birds and it has been good to realise my strangths (not suprisingly, gluing paper and sewing) and my weaknesses (colour choices and painting). Louises' collage was a beautiful autumnal green leaf inspired piece and Jo's was just amazing, I think our teacher is going to put some photos on her blog after the next class so I will have a link - well worth looking.

This class is teaching us how much fun it is to get messy and boy did we get messy last night. Lots of paint in random patterns on paper and printing the result on blank printer paper. these were then cut up and glued into our art journals (more photos next week). I still have paint under my nails. Really enjoyed it last night but I suspect I talked too much (as usual), must remember to listen more...

Have a great long weekend - we are off camping in the Kangaroo Valley which should be good if we can get organised - a long way from that at the moment. xx

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