Friday, March 20, 2009

last day of little athletics

Henry has so loved little athletics this year. It helps that he is a good runner but the smile doesn't leave his face from the moment we arrive. The under 6 boys started with the largest group (over 40, eep) but petered out to an average of 15 - 20 pw.

A big part of the enjoyment has been the father of one of the boys took over the coaching every week and he was fabulous. Turns out he is PT trainer at Duntroon and the boys responded so well to his instructions - new recruits and 6yo's must have the same mentality, although I suspect new recruits don't feel the incessant need to touch each other as the average 6 yo has. He was never abusive but taught the boys push up and star jumps and to follow instructions. All the mothers secretly worshipped him from afar. Just by being willing to step in, all the other fathers were encouraged as well, nice not to have to rely on the mothers to do everything.

Henry is now in training (this involves running up and down the driveway) for the school athletics carnival and the cross country, feeling very confident about it all, especially with new shoes (going through two pairs of runners a term at the moment, no idea what he does to them). Love the enthusiasm but as we are onto cold weather sports now, wish I could borrow some of that feeling.

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