Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I didn' take any photos this weekend

i should have. Such a busy time with mum and dad visiting, along with geoff's mum popping in on Sunday.

We had the annual Edwards house mystery dinner on Friday night were all the parents in matt's house get together with the boys get together at various people's homes, moving between courses and with different groups at each gathering. The first time we went when matt was in year 8, we were so impressed with the older boys, very courteous and so willing to take the younger boys in hand. This has continued and now matt is a mentor - amazing.

the most interesting (and slightly embarrassing) conversation happened towards the end of the evening when one of the other year 11 boys introduced his parents to matt a the boy who did the amazing job on his extension English digital presentation, and his parents raved about it. of course we had no idea what they were talking about and looked quite blank. bad, neglectful parents that we were. turns out it is on the net and matt didn't want us to see it until he got the marks for it back. But we forced him to show us (i will try to sneak a copy here next week) and were gobsmacked.

Anyway Meaghan insisted we do earth hour on saturday night much to the horror of my dad who is an enormous swans fan, and it was their first game on saturday night and we weren't really going to turn the telly off were we? Oh yes Meaghan kept from and dad sulked in the dark but we ended up doing him a favour as the swans obviously decided to celebrate earth hour by not scoring at all for the hour we were in the dark. All fun and games.

Henry got this medallion for little aths on sunday morning (again no photos, what was I thinking?) and he was so proud he just about burst. It stayed firmly in place for a few hours until he locked it in a special drawer so he wouldn't lose it before show and tell on monday. Such good positive reinforcement to continue with his running next year.

Up to our noses in parent teacher interviews at the moment, Meaghan's at 3.5hours was a torture session (10 teachers who understandably, really don't have that much to say on first term year 7 girls), Henry's 15 minutes was far more bearable (although we did turn up a day early, but lovely Mrs Barry saw us anyway), and Matt's is next week.

Just sitting here smelling the faintest whiff of rain, so unusual but welcome and of course on the day of the primary school's cross country run. But I think we would all sacrafice the run for any rain at all.

And to finish (well start with I guess) my layout for my very lovely friends at Fiona's long overdue birthday party.


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Jodie said...

What would us girls do without you Karen? Who would else capture the wonderful evenings we spend together? Thankyou! I love they way you present the pics too!

Love Jodie xxx