Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy birthday to me

Normally I try to just ignore my birthday, not in a bad, tearful, I can't believe I am...(insert whatever age is appropriate) sort of way. more in a it's just another day where I still have to do housework sort of thing.

Well today is my birthday and I think I shall enjoy it. Presents and cards from Geoff and kids, as well as mum and dad and MIL start to the day (Elvis Costello tickets for Geoff and I as a combined birthday/fathers day gift plus the usual assortment of DVDs that Geoff wants to watch or is that me being a wee bit cynical...). Morning tea to farewell a friend off overseas was a lovely way to spend the morning and now a day spent crafting and maybe eating some chocolate. Meaghan has her year 7 social on tonight so maybe just grab some takeaway for tea, nice relaxing day I think.

The photo was my third birthday and shows a typical spread with the best sponges ever made, jelly beans and cupcakes. I think the drinks where probably Crowther's, our local drink makers (you don't get that anymore). the photo is also a typical Mum photo, heads cut off but I guess at least the party girl was nearly the focus (sorry Mum but you know it's true).

Have a great day x


Luna said...

By god you were cute! Happy birthday dear karen - look forward to celebrating it with you soon.

Laura said...

A belated Happy Birthday Karen!! xx