Tuesday, September 8, 2009

spoiling myself part2

Ok maybe I did go a bit overboard at Addicted to Fabric but I saw this (book) and then this (printed linen) and I couldn't decide, what was i to do? It IS my birthday (well my birthday week, that isn't stretching it too far) so I ended up succumbing. The book is the cutest book, the quilt patterns are very funky and we do have a new baby in the family coming and the patterns can be extended to make larger patterns, enough justification. All pretty easy designs and an excuse to but more fabric.

and how could I go past the winter nest fabric panel? They must have only just come in because the ladies behind the counter hadn't sighted them and went and snavelled a couple for themselves. It came in brown and green as well. It is Australian printed and the range includes some very cute squirrels, a donkey cuckoo clock (looks far better than it sounds!) and a robot range for the boys. You can see more of her stuff here.

Have yet to decide what to do with it but am favouring just binding and hanging it as is.

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