Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mountain biking

We here in little ol' Canberra had the world mountain bike championships, located handily enough just up the road from us. Geoff is a huge mountain bike convert, trying to ride most weekends so this was the equivalent of heaven for him. I was lucky enough to snag a couple of free tickets to the final day so off we went. Nice fathers day present as well.

the day could not have been nicer weather wise, high teens and blue sky, lovely start of spring stuff (it absolutely and rarely poured the next day which would have been disastrous on the Sunday!). So we trudged through the crowds and up the mountain (OK probably only rates as a hill compared to most places), stopping to admire the different events on the way.

Henry was in little boy heaven, we got him a cow bell so he could make legitimate noise, there was rocks and dirt everywhere to play with (and sticks, can't forget the magical qualities of sticks..) as well as big boys rushing head first down a steep slope and doing enormous jumps.

Meaghan came along but I suspect on top of her cold, it was a bit too much for her and in true Meaghan tradition, vomited after she went to bed ta night ( you could just about set a clock on her, if she is feeling unwell before she goes to bed, you can bet that she will throw up between 11pm and midnight!).

All in all a fine way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Th LO is all designer digitals stuff with the 'real' and a few of the elements part of this weeks magazine challenge (ie freebies) over at designer digitals. I love that the stuff they give away every week is such high quality.

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