Monday, August 10, 2009

for those who have only known me since kids...

my adventures in the Cocoa Daisy, My Book about Me continues, really enjoying it although of course am always a couple of days behind.

Yes I was once skinny and had no use for sunscreen, (BTW that is me in pink, and Geoff in green). This was before we were going out - housemates then. It took Matt a good 12 hours to work out who we were.

The other two are Pete and Michelle who we still see regularly, with their boys in a serious love/hate relationship with Meaghan, Jasper being 8 months younger.

The event is the yearly toga party, with us wearing the very fashionable curtains purchased at great expense at the local, much frequented, Wagga vinnies. Our hair is dyed in vegetable dye which was very unpleasant on the pillowcase the next morning. Michelle did go the extra lengths and attempted a black self dye (the 80's hair dye was not the most reliable) and if you look closely it is quite an attractive green.

My reinvent etc course with Jenni Bowlin is also continuing, with the chat finally rolling around tomorrow. Thanks to the time zones, it will be at a very civilized 11am, which for me is perfect. This lo is my mothers family portrait sent to my grandfather while he was in north qld towards the end of WWII, he was less than impressed with it apparently, nan's look wasn't what he was expecting I think. Mum is the oldest child on the right.

Off to meet lovely Louise for lunch now, hooray i am now a lady who lunches!

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