Friday, August 21, 2009

Poor Matt

We 'forced' Matt to accompany us tobogganing on the weekend. we figured we were running out of time to do whole family activites together and this would be fun. we didn't drag him out of bed at some ungodly hour (didn't leave until after 9am) and we weren't going to make him ski. Well, he threw the silent sulking tantrum. On the way there he pulled his hood as far forward as it wopuld go, plugged his ears with his new ipod and ignored us - to the point of refusing chocolates! He was so determined not to have a good time and try to ruin the day for the rest of us would be a bonus!'

However he didn't count on Henry and Meagha having such a good time, and he could just sit in the snow (we let him be). His true nature eventually won out and he went tobagganing and even went on the snow tube slide. The highlight of his day I suspect was a huge snowball fight with Geoff, Matt had a hood on under his ski jacket which effectively stopped most snow sliding down his back, Geoff wasn't quite that lucky.

Matt chatted for most of the way home then, so all was not lost and we weren't quite the worst parents ever, for the moment anyway.

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