Monday, August 3, 2009

my baby is 17!

Matt turns 17 today. Can't really be true, not so long ago (and yet a lifetime has gone by) when we in Queanbeayan Hospital completely unready for the birth of our firstborn. He was 3 weeks early and came out bottom first, in a hurry (no time to even book in the inevitable, but avoided, caesarian) so we had quite a crowd of midwives and doctors to greet him. a week of hospital, who said breast feeding was easy? and we took him off to our little awful third story flat -laundry down the bottom floor, no lift, thank you very much. It all has improved since then.

Matt has always been the mature one in the house. he spent his first four years as the only child, both in our family and amongst all our friends, so I suspect that shaped him as much as anything. He has been such an easy teenager, spends a lot of time in his room, mostly reading and playing on his computer, but is more than willing to socialise when the occasion arises. We are so lucky, and I hope the other two follow suit - dream.

unfortunately the good health he has managed this winter has left and he will probably spend the day in bed, with new ipod so not all bad. hopefully he will be well enough for school as year 11 exams are at the end of this term and then the long haul for the HSC begins. Matt is downgrading his maths (really doesn't like it) but will be doing what in my time was called 3 unit history and 4 units of English. These extra lessons are mostly self study where they have to produce their own piece of work by the end. So a full on year but I suspect an enjoyable one as he loves these subjects.

Happy birthday Matt!

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