Friday, August 14, 2009

The Studio

Is be a newish scrapbooking site, but I am loving some of the work I am seeing there. The august challenge is to scrap using something non specific re: scrapbooking supplies (I used the netting from the oranges and my trusty ancient tape measure, which is getting shorter by the day), as well as borders and stamps in the journalling.

I used photos from our saturday night at a friends house where Henry met Tess, who is the same age and has two elder brothers. they hit it off pretty well and if their self confidence could be taped, the energy supplied would power Bungendore for a while! Meaghan and Tess were the only girls and they more than held there own against the 7 boys present, a fun night.

We are off to selwyn tomorrow tobogganing, so hopefully some photos by Monday, have a good one. x

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