Thursday, October 15, 2009

Last night

Geoff and I went to see Elvis Costello (birthday/fathers day present). He is an amazing performer, when they said solo, that is exactly what it was. he played for about an hour and a half by himself and one of his many guitars - no backing band, singers, anyone (except for the sound guys). It took him a while to warm up, the first few songs were a bit rusty but when he started on new variations of his better known songs, it was great. Being by himself also gave him more opportunity to talk to the crowd a bit more - and I think he likes a chat. My favourite for the night could have been 'she' (best known, I guess for being in Notting Hill), very beautiful.

I was a bit sad at the end of it all because I had a sudden realisation (and this is one of those 'oh my god. I am getting old' moments) that all the concerts we go to now are in theatres. No more do we fight crowds in student unions, or jostle for best position in a pub (or memorably in a scout hall where we saw Violent Femmes in Brisbane). Nope all fixed seating from now on. Although having said that, the first concert I went to as a very young 17yo, was in a movie theatre in Albury to see INXS in 1985. Possibly still the best concert I have seen - maybe that's just through rose coloured time warp glasses.

Oh well, at least we are actually getting out and about again, even if it is in old fogey mode...

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