Friday, October 23, 2009

a rare double lo

Quick off the mark for Ali's class this week. In honour of my most amazing friends, no more to be said. (Click on the image to read the journalling.)

Recovering at the moment from a self inflicted injury at the moment. In a fit of family togetherness we all went outside for a game of tips after tea last night. By the time i got there it had become keepings off with a giant ball. It was a lovely night weather wise and we all had a lot of fun. Just as the game was winding down, i tackled Geoff, foot first (Ok I kicked him), forgetting I only had sandals on - doh! I am now down to half a big toenail on my right foot. Will I ever learn that myself and ball games do not mix?


Jodie said...

Awwww Karen that is just lovely!!! I feel the same! Love ya, Jodie x

Laura said...

Gorgeous layout and what lovely journaling. I can so relate! I avoid perfect competitive Mummies like the plague, lol. If they haven't got breakfast smeared all over them, I'm afraid I can't talk to them. Kidding.

Hope your toe is better soon! Lx

Luna said...

So hard for me to believe you've ever had trouble making female friends Karen!! You're a natural and we love you too!!!! (Awwwwww...)
PS Did you get the spelling right when you said you were a weekend strapper?)

Fun Mama - Deanna said...

I'm in the class with you, and found your blog when you posted about it on the message board. Your page is wonderful. You're right - it is such a challenge to find woman friends as adults. Thank you for sharing!