Saturday, October 17, 2009

random thoughts from a lonely saturday night

This book was one of my childhood favourites. When I had Matt I reclaimed some of my childhood books and was disappointed that this was no longer among them. turns out mum had been through all the books and given some away, including this one - sigh. I have been searching through old bookstores since on the off chance someone had it but no luck. Little Golden books has started reprinting old titles and again I lived in hope but had all but given up. Out of a now long established habit, I glanced at the Little golden book stand and there it was - hooray. At the grand price of $2.95 I reclaimed my childhood.

When I rang Mum to let her now, she too had been in a different big w and had searched through the Little golden books as unbeknown to me, she has also been looking over the years (ok, I may have made a bit of fuss at the time she gave away the original) - she had had no luck though. Nice coincidence and now we can happily walk past little golden books undisturbed again.

More random thoughts (I am practially alone, Geoff has taken Meaghan and Henry to the coast and I am babysitting Matt)

- just finished twilight for the first time - i can see the addictiveness, now I will have to watch the movie.

- went to the movies this afternoon and saw Julie and Julia - go see it - just a nice movie where the audience chuckled all the way through.

- i have been trying not to say anything but the time has come ---- Ok,here goes. I really, really didn't like the da Vinci code book. The breaking point was where two of the top code breakers in the world couldn't read mirror writing aggh, stupid, stupid. Oddly enough I quite liked the movie where my expectations were not very high but i though it made a much better movie than a book. I am avoidig his new book as much as I can. ( related-I tried to like the time travellers wife, but I just didn't although her new one does look good)

- must go my favourite male bollywood star, Shahrukh Khan is on tele in a very attractive red plaid coat, no one does pretend dag better) and I don't think I've seen this one - love bollywood esp the comedies although Devdas is one of my favouritist movies and it is seriously tragic (but very lush)
ahh the dancing has started, time to concentrate...

have a good saturday wherever you are xx


Luna said...

too long since i have seen you! i have just finished twilight sequel 'new moon' and am quite obsessed. movie is even better...

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