Friday, June 11, 2010

Boot Camp part 2

Just a perfect day (even if my eyes still watered from the cold...)

We were asked to wander our neighbourhood and take photos of what grabbed our attention, didn't matter what just take a stack of photos. And yesterday being a perfect winters day in Canberra, off I went. I discovered what grabbed my attention - signs, trees, and patterns on services covers (ie gas, telstra etc). Very curious. I would have loved to have taken a heap down at our local shops but there were far too many people around and I was a bit too self conscience for that.
Enjoy bits of our suburb, I think I can feel a LO coming up...

Perfect day, I love how this tree just has the odd leaf hanging on.

The leaves of the pin oak hang on for dear life, it is like the tree is saying "I know it's damn cold out there and I AM NOT letting go of my blanket until I am good and ready", that would be me...

Great swings nearby, large enough for mum bottoms to fit on, like the effect of the shadows on the ground.

There has been spates of shoes thrown over power lines in the past few years, not sure why, like to think random artistry but afraid it is more like random bullying.

This is a letterbox from my childhood, still a few around.

A small sign of the promise of spring, still a few months off, but lovely buds waiting.

This always raises an eyebrow. I know they are growing a hedge but they put the gate in long before they planted anything, just a gate nothing else.

The pattern on a local bus stop shelter caught my eye.

Our word of the day was 'grow'. I thought Meaghan would be the perfect subject for this little experiment, her self belief and confidence has grown so much in the past year to the point where I occasionally have to remind her that she doesn't quite know everything. But I don't do this often at all because that belief fades with time and it is wonderful that she has that armour to see her (hopefully) through the next few years. so proud of her though. xx
My heavy metal tag is still in the construction stage, have struggled with that a bit.

Have a great day xxx


Corinne said...

I don't know why, but I always love seeing shoes hanging from the wires :) Lovely takes!

Luna said...

Great work Karen. That photo of shoes over the wires is beautifully composed. Think you should keep up with this exercise.
PS. Didn't see you at the school today? Hope Henry was ok. :)