Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Geoff is back at work and I'm able to get some crafty stuff done.

But before all that, a revelation. I discovered (oh about 10 minutes into the Portugal/nth Korean world cup game...) that I am, or should be Portuguese!!! Who knew (although I may have to revert back to my Australian status temporarily tonight, at least until the socceroos are officially out).

My reasons are many but boils down to.....

A minute or two is needed to appreciate the finer points of the world cup.

OK, on to more mundane matters. The Studio, which I am missing terribly (curse you Ning for charging fees!!!), has a new challenge blog up. One of the challenges is to do a Lo in your countries flag colours, not overly impressed with ours, but a good opportunity to go back 10 years to the Olympics in Sydney.

We took Matt along, Meaghan who was 4 at the time, unforgivably in her eyes still, left behind. We snagged accommodation nearby and after running the gauntlet of Chinese tourists who insisted on taking a photo of themselves with Matt. He was, it has to be said, quite amazed at this interest but gave his best smile each time.

We went to the hockey during the day (very hot) but at night we were in the main stadium and watched the athletics. An Aussie got silver in the long jump, Cathy Freeman ran as did Marion Jones. Louise savage won a gold in the wheelchair 800m, so we got to sing the national anthem. I could not talk the next day as we yelled and cheered so much. If you have the chance, go to an Olympics, wonderful.

Lastly a quick one for sketchy Thursday. It is my big brother's 50th birthday in a few weeks so thought I'd feature some of him over June/July. It was always a bit of a joke that the first photos of Mick are actually of his blanket and not him. Mum and dad look so proud of this big bundle of shawl.
Ok, off to trivia night tonight, wish us luck but I fear that one of our stars can't make it this year so we are there to eat and drink. But we will give it our best and fun shall be had. xx


Anna said...

Great layout Karen, nice misting! Thanks for joining in with The Studio.

lisa said...

Love both Karen.
And glad to see you are enjoying the finer points of the footy : )
You make me laugh!!

Irini said...

Love the layouts karen!!
I have been lucky enough to be a part of the Olympics when it was held here in Athens...I also went to the Special Olympics....C3 was only a yr old and we had a great time!
As for the world cup...yummy...Ronaldo right? he has definitely matured into a fine athlete was what I meant!!

Amanda Jones said...

Yummy bod... erm, layouts!

Umm, yeah, great stuff :)

Now, what was I doing... who am i..?

And that's one way to ensure your blog readers return!! xx

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I really loveeeeeeeeeee the world cup now!! LOL!! HOT!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee your lo's!!! SIMPLY AMAZING!!! Thanks sooooooooooooo much for playing along with Sketchy Thursdays! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Luna said...


Nic said...

Love both your pages and the eye candy Karen :-)

Thanks for joining in with the Studio challenges.

Tessa Buys said...

I'll be honest - I'd rather stare at that eye candy of a soccer player than your layout :). In all seriousness, I love your Studio layout! And the ST one is so very pretty!

Luna said...

What are you talking about Karen? I was there on the night!?????