Friday, June 4, 2010

June Butterfly Craft Visual Challenge

The latest Butterfly challenge is up - the last visual challenge for a while as Karen is taking a well deserved break for the summer over there (ah warmth, I remember you well...). he picture used for inspiration is a lovely floaty, summery feeling ad. Well that is more than my imagination is up for at the moment when I am feeling anything but summery and floaty (so not a winter person...). So i took the butterflies and the pinky bits as well as using a single image, my rapidly growing 13yo. I think if I did it again I would use smaller butterflies and quite a few more of them.

Any way go check out the challenge over here as well as the lovely work the other girls did.

Colour Combos Galore is back up and running after a couple of months break. They have a whole new, very spunky look to their challenges. This was for last weeks challenge, colours including, turquoise - icing - cookie dough - pink sprinkles(don't you just love those names??). The latest challenge has just gone up, along with their new design team, loving the new look.

I used an old photo of Matt and Meaghan messing around, must have been just about when Meaghan was 2 I think. So funny to think of them that small with no Henry in sight (and with Meaghan being the complete cow of a two year old, he certainly wasn't even a possibility then!).

Quite pleased with the way this turned out.

More exciting news for me - I have just been named as guest Designer (in November) for the very fun Design Dollies site, yay, yay, yay. Should be great fun, very much looking forward to that. They also have a new design Team, full of wonderfully talented people, love their work.

Have a great weekend - we're off to the fete at our local preschool (this weekend Jo...) after our various sporting commitments. Hopefully a quite weekend after the madness last weekend.



Irini said...

fabulous layouts!!!
love them......congrats on the Design Dollies WTG.....send me some of your mojo!!!please LOL

Nerrida said...

Ooh, some totally gorgeous pages there. I adore that first one - so dreamy.