Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp

I came across this site just last week and thought it was just the thing to get me out of the routine I have found my self in. Madeline Bea has put together a two week class, full of prompts and some thought provoking ideas (and exceptionally generously, it costs absolutely nothing to join in). You pick your medium and off you go.

My medium is of course scrapbooking but with a slight, self imposed twist. I have decided to do a scrapping art journally thing, and use only what is available on my desk and immediate surrounds. I have a stack of photos that I have printed off but didn't use in my work. And I have a stack of paper, ribbons etc. i also decided not to spend to much time on each page - just get it down and see how I go, pretty rough but good fun.

Day 1

Prompt - Ivory

This word has so many meanings to me, not just a colour but the feeling of a bygone era, old china, old paper, soap, it's a word you can touch and smell. And on Day 1 I broke my own rule by using the printer, but it was printed onto paper I had nearby (sigh). It was also the colour of my wedding dress, which I made myself (things were a bit tight when we got married, just bought a new house, Matt was two already and it seemed a waste of money to me to spend thousands on a dress I would wear only once. ( it was also the last item of clothing I made for myself, but I digress). I still have no regrets, except possibly leaving it so late that Mum spent the night before hemming it....

Day 2 Picnic

Picnics equal sunshine, hats, flies and a good deal of running around. This came together quickly and isn't strictly a picnic photo it has that same feel about it for me and that's all that counts...

Day 3 multilayered

My favourite so far. I love have layer upon layer on my work so scrapbooking wise this wasn't so much of a challenge. What I liked most was using this photo of the tiger in The Saigon Zoo. It is a multilayered photo with the cage very much in prominence. And my feeling about the zoo were also very multilayered, guilt at the awful lifestyle these animals had but also a pleasure at being able to see these beautiful creatures up so close you could reach out and touch them (if you were deranged that is). Very pleased with the way this turned out.

Stay tuned for futher experiments..

Ok off to pick Henry up from school now, so very cold here today, am hoping that it rains so tennis is called off, does this make me a bad mother?Probably but it is so very bitter out there...


Lia said...

They are all beautiful. Nice job.

krissilugbill said...

I love your pages! so creative, all of them are lovely! so glad you found the camp, hope you are enjoying it :) your blog is fabulous